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Mrs. Lucy….

Mrs. Lucy, a repeat client of mine, gave me a call one day about a piece of furniture that her sweet husband bought her on a trip to France about 30 years ago.  She was tired of the drab darkness and wanted to know if I could give it a face lift.  Well of course I could!!  I have the perfect products to refurbish just about anything that needs a update or change!   I didn’t get a before picture of it put together, however these two pictures were taken right where dear hubby unloaded them!

It was a quick and simple fix to her delima….Caromal Colours to the rescue!!  I cleaned the piece with Simple Green and made sure that it was completely dry before applying Caromal Colours Cobblestone Texture Basecoat.  I used a chip brush to smoosh and moosh the entire surface.  After it had dried, I went back and put a really quick second coat on any areas where it didn’t cover 100%.  Total time to apply the color was about 4 to 5 hours!  And guess what??? NO STRIPPING and NO PRIMING FIRST!!  You gotta love that!!  I let it dry overnight and then applied a small wheat leaf stencil that I ordered from Royal Design Studios.  I used artist acrylics to color the stencil.  I grabbeed my handy dandy palm sander and went to work distressing the edges to where the original wood showed through to give it an aged look.  I also wanted to give it a smoother over all finish so I quickly sanded the entire piece to knock off any nubbies that may have been on the surface.    I probaby spent 45 minutes sanding it to get the look I wanted.  After the sanding, I wiped the entire piece down with a damp cloth to clean off any sanding dust that may have been there.  When you sand these products they may appear to be dry and powderly looking and too light in color…but don’t worry…the next step fixes that!!  I next applied the Caromal Colours Toner with a chip brush…..I kind of work in sections…like the back panel first, then a door, etc.  Anyway…..I just brushed it on and wiped it back with a lint free wiping rag (I purchase them by the bag at my local big box store).  I suggest you wear gloves for this step as it will get all over your hands!  I then left it to dry overnight.  The final step was to put a protectant top coat on it.  On this piece I used the Liberon Wax Neutral.  I used a wiping rag and just rubbed it in all over the surface.  After about an hour I went back and buffed it out with a clean cloth.  Done!  Total time spent on the piece was about 10 hours!  Not bad for a piece that made my client extremely happy!  And I looovveee  happy clients!  Here are some after pictures I took of the piece before I delivered it back to it’s home!  In all honesty….I would have loved to have kept it for myself!


If you are ready to order product, you can click on the Caromal Colours Sign below. Enter MartiC (case sensitive) in the coupon code or comments section and you will receive a discount on your shipping and I will receive credit for your order! If you need any help placing your order, please feel free to contact me at or 225-975-3957 and I will help you with it!



Get a little paint on your socks!

A while back Traci Hickingbottom from Lake Charles contacted me about the Caromal Colours products.  After a little discussion, she decided to throw a Caromal Colours party!  The party was held at the beautiful home of Lori Benoit, as Traci’s home is basically under contruction.  Let me tell you….these ladies weren’t afraid to “get a little paint on their socks”!  We had the best time doing samples from the distressing and barnword kits!  I also showed them how to gild an ornate applique using the copper leaf.  At the end of the evening I think everyone was really pleased with the class!  I can’t wait to see what they do with what they’ve learned!  Thanks ladies….hope to see you all again soon!


If you would like to have a paint party with a few of your friends, then give me a call and we’ll get one scheduled!  You can email me at or call me at 225-975-3957!

Are YOU ready to get some Caromal Colours products for yourself?

If you are ready to order product, you can click on the Caromal Colours Sign below.  Enter MartiC (case sensitive) in the coupon code or comments section and you will recieve a discount on your shipping and I will receive credit for your order!  If you  need any help placing your order, please feel free to contact me and I will help you with it!


Look What’s New!!!

OMGsh!  Have I got some awesome news to share with everyone!  Introducing Country Living Artisans Collection of Decorative Finishes by Caromal Colours…better known simply as Caromal Colours!  This is an amazing line of professional quality decorative painting products that are now available to the do-it-yourself market!  Country Living Magazine has given their full endorsement and you can find some wonderful ideas for projects within its pages.  I am the first Certified Independent Rep for this new product line in Louisiana, however I’m not territory impaired so I can work with any of you who would like to try it out!

So let me introduce myself.  I am Marti Carroll and I have been a professional decorative finisher for over 17 years.  Although I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; I have commissioned decorative painting projects as far away as Ocho Rios, Jamaica!  I love what I do and get great satisfaction from creating beautiful finishes for my clients who want to hire a professional.  You can see some of my work at, as well as my other blog that will display more projects at, along with a little more information on me!

I created this blog to offer ideas, inspiration, instruction, and support to those interested in creating their own beautiful finishes using the incredible line of Caromal Colour products!  You may ask why?  Why would I want to be involved with a product line that could directly conflict with my professional business?  Well it’s really simple.  There are a lot of people out there who would never consider hiring me when they get such great satisfaction of doing it themselves!  And let’s face it…in today’s economy there are going to be a lot more people learning to do all sorts of stuff that they would have hired out in the past.  Besides, haven’t you ever seen an item in a store that was pretty and thought to yourself, “I could do that!”.  Well that’s one reason why I’m here…to offer you products and support…so YOU can do just that!

To learn more about the products you can follow along with future posts right here…and you can also go to  to see how to order products and get some more inspiration!  These products are not sold in paint stores or big box stores, however there are a few retail shops around the country that sell them.  So the best way to get your hands on them is to order them online…you have them delivered to your home in about 3-5 days.  I do ask that if you place an order, please use my code:  MartiC (case sensitive) so that I will receive credit for you order and you in turn will get a discount on your shipping!

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email at or (225)975-3957.